Control your
slides remote

No more “next slide please”.
With RemoteCTRL you can share your slideshow controls with your team and let them do the clicking. Even if you sit at different locations.

Download now Compatible with softwares such as:

Get started in minutes

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started with RemoteCTRL. The one who runs the slideshow needs to have our software installed. But users invited to control the slideshow can do so directly in the browser or our iOS app.


Install host software

Download and install the host software, once up and running just click “start remote”.


Share the link

Share the remote access to anyone you want to allow to control your slideshow.


Present together

No installation needed, just get cracking with your slideshow together.

Host app

To host a slideshow you need to get the Mac app

Available on Mac App Store

iOS Controller

Download our iOS app for a smoother experience.

Available on iOS App Store


Clickers are free

Our pricing model is as easy to understand as our product. Hosting a slideshow requires our software that you can buy for a small fee via the Apple App Store, while clicking the controller via the browser is completely free.

There is no limitations to how many slideshows you can host and no limitations to how many you can invite to control your slideshows.
As an optional extra we also offer an iOS clicker app.